Join Us In The Community Zone…

Man and woman playing ping pong in the community corner at SQLBits

SQLBits always has a “Community Corner” but it’s usually just that. It’s a table with people who can talk to you about the Data Platform Community.

This year we have expanded the space and put it in a great position so that everyone can jump in and get involved.  We are using it for meet and chat sessions, and Q and A sessions with prominent members of the Community.  Oh, and we better not forget to tell you about our high score arcade game competition (You bet the prizes are going to be EPIC!) and there will be a competition where you have to scan the QR codes dotted around the venue, tangled between our sponsor stands so that you figure out the word/phrase for a chance to win a great on-theme prize – our very own SQLBits treasure hunt!

Members of our wonderful community will be there at all times from before sessions start each day and for at an hour after sessions end each day to help guide you through what to expect at SQLBits, introduce you to like-minded individuals, help you join a quiz team and so much more to make sure you’re happy and comfortable at SQLBits (Don’t forget about our Bits Buddies!!)

Come along to the community zone, have a chat, gain information and make new friends!

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