Becoming a Session Selector, What Does That Mean?

Passionate about data education and SQLBits? Eager to contribute to the success of one of the most prominent data conferences in the world, while helping out the community? If so, why not sign up to be a Session Selector at SQLBits this year?

SQLBits is one of the main hubs for data professionals, a place where new ideas are born, and industry leaders converge to share their knowledge. Session Selectors play a pivotal role in building the agenda for SQLBits, responsible for evaluating sessions solely based on their merit, and ensuring that the agenda features the most relevant and valuable content.

We use Sessionize to create an anonymous voting system in which our session selectors (hopefully that’s you!) spend time rating sessions over and over again until eventually we have a ranking. Our content owners then solidify the session selectors’ choices and help the SQLBits committee make the final decisions.

SQLBits prides itself on being a conference that provides attendees with unbiased, high-quality content focusing on real-world solutions and best practices. As a Session Selector, your input is crucial in maintaining this objectivity. We’ll definitely notice if you come across your own session (or a colleague/friend’s), so don’t be biased!

So what do we need you to do?

Sign up here:

We’ll be in touch just before the 1st of November when we will ask you to set aside 30 minutes of your time as a one-off, any time between the 1st and 14th of November, in order to complete a session ranking exercise.

Your details will not be shared, although you are welcome to tell people about your involvement. You won’t see the names of the submitting speakers, just the abstracts and titles.

And that’s it! This is a golden opportunity to ensure the direction of the conference aligns with the latest trends and developments in the data world. Whether you have a passion for data analytics, database management, or business intelligence, your input can help SQLBits be the ultimate destination for data professionals.