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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Soaring with AI for Analytics


In an era where data has become the fuel propelling businesses to new altitudes, the ability to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for analytics is poised to become another core competency that you need to master. This one-day workshop is for data analysts, database administrators, and individuals involved in data reporting and analysis who want to understand whether and how AI can help them do their jobs better and faster. It is tailored for newcomers to AI and aims to demystify the cloud of uncertainty surrounding AI's utility in analytics while addressing common misconceptions surrounding its practicality.

Join me in this interactive workshop to learn how you can bridge the gap between AI and analytics and illuminate your flight path for harnessing AI tools like ChatGPT to augment analytical solutions. Amidst the prevailing headwinds of skepticism regarding AI's utility, this workshop aims to provide a realistic, hype-free exploration of AI's capabilities and limitations, thereby enabling you to make informed decisions on implementing AI in your own analytics projects and ensuring a smooth flight through data landscapes.

Through a blend of theoretical discussions, demonstrations and exercises, and collaborative group discussions, you'll explore practical use cases of AI in analytics. Your itinerary includes a brief history of AI, understanding Language Models, ethical considerations in AI, evaluating AI tools, and exploring real-world scenarios. Along the way, you'll see firsthand how AI can help you investigate and analyze data, develop code snippets for data analysis, create data visualizations, and work with statistical queries. By illustrating practical use cases and providing an opportunity for collaborative learning and discussion, I hope to foster a conducive environment for you to grasp the essence of AI in analytics and unlock new dimensions in data analytics.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the evolution of large language models and their application to data analytics projects
• Learn how to use AI to explore data, create queries, and design visualizations
• Evaluate the pros and cons of integrating AI into data analytics project workflows

Previous Experience

Delegates should be familiar with data analytics in general and should have beginner-level experience with SQL queries and developing data visualizations in Power BI. Experience with Python is beneficial, but not required.

Tech Covered

Power BI, Python, Modern Analytics, AI and data science, Analytics