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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Mastering SQL Server Performance & Optimization Strategies


In the pursuit of excellence, speed is the engine, and performance is the destination.

Everyone wants their database to go faster, whether it's shaving hours off your ETL process, taking minutes off the runtime for reports, or trimming milliseconds off a critical OLTP query. Every database professional must know where to look and how to tune, whether you have one SQL environment or thousands.

In this full-day session, you'll learn how to take your performance tuning skills to the next level. How to best configure SQL Server as well as how to decipher all metrics it collects can be daunting. Identifying how to distill the data down to actionable information is an integral part of a DBA's job. After this session, you will understand what to look for, how to analyze the data, and you will know how to use an array of tools including query store, performance monitor, and various scripts to get the critical performance information you need. Beyond tools and scripts, you'll become versed in the art and science of reading query plans to help you improve individual query performance. Finally, you'll learn about the newest performance enhancements within SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL.

You'll leave this knowledge packed session with a clearer understanding of which items to evaluate and how to resolve many issues that plague SQL Server performance.

Learning Objectives

• Gain clarity on key evaluation criteria for SQL Server performance.
• Develop an understanding of common issues affecting SQL Server performance.
• Learn effective strategies to address and resolve performance issues.
• Acquire knowledge on optimizing SQL Server for enhanced performance.

Previous Experience

Beginner knowledge of SQL, we will build from ground up. Some sections will be 200-300 level but taught for every level.

Tech Covered

Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, Azure ML, Query Store, Database engine, Operations