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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Making Data Matter - Combining Data, Visual Storytelling and Presentation Skills for Maximum Impact


A friend once explained her experience with a "data driven company" like this: "we collect millions of points of data every day, we clean it, we analyze it, we make it actionable - and then we implement whatever is the mood of the day".

Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for data professionals and business users alike. It makes it possible to create amazing reports providing deep insight into just about any data. This insights this tool unlocks can drive decisions at every level - but do they?
Why is it then, that in this age of "data-driven decision making", that so many decisions are still based on "gut feeling"?
One of the reasons is that we still like to think that data will drive decisions on its own.

The challenge is using Power BI to efficiently communicating said insight.

Efficiently communicating data means not only being able to clearly and concisely visualizing it, but also being able to explain why the data matters to your audience - in a way that is engaging, interesting and relevant.

This, in turn, require knowledge of how to write a compelling story that is engaging and relatable for your audience, as well as presentation skills to help bridge the gap between data and people.

By making the data and the story matter to the audience we can align feelings and hard data, essentially influencing decisions and improving business outcomes.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn the skills to take your ability to communicate to a whole new level - using Power BI as the tool of choice.
We will start with an overview of the fundamentals of visual communication in order to make the foundation of our data storytelling as clear, concise and understandable as can be.

We will then discuss how to craft a relevant and relatable story to build on top of our data. We will learn how, through a clear message with a clear structure, to apply classic storytelling techniques as suspense, surprise and conflict to a technical narrative.

Finally we will explore how to improve your presentation skills to enable you to bridge the gap between the data and people to really drive your point home.

Come join me to level up your Power BI communication skills!

Learning Objectives

• Explore how the brain processes information and makes decisions in order to make the point as effectively as possible.
• Learn the fundamentals of visual communication for clear and concise data storytelling.
• Learn to craft relevant and relatable stories, applying classic storytelling techniques to technical narratives.
• Enhance presentation skills to effectively bridge the gap between data and audience for impactful communication in Power BI.

Previous Experience

Basic understanding of Power BI and what it is used for, some experience with trying to communicate / present data.

Tech Covered

Power BI, Excel, Delivery, Fabric