I help others unlock value in data through consulting, mentoring, sharing knowledge. I love learning new technology and new ways of implementation; and sharing those learnings with the wider community. When not learning, working or sharing knowledge; I love spending time with my family, and cooking up delicious storms in the kitchen.


Learn the ins and outs of Azure Data Lake in this deep dive
This session will explore the Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL); how TMSL can be used with PowerShell to automate the creation and deployment of an Analysis Services Tabular Model.
Building a Data Quality implementation in Purview using the Glossary and Databricks
An introduction to becoming a Data Engineer, Anna, Mikey and Ust will introduce the technology stack, tools and development skills needed for data engineering and show you how and where to go to learn them. We'll also show you how the skills you already have can kickstart your journey to becoming a Data Engineer.