Silvano Coriani

Silvano Coriani is a Principal Program Manager in Azure SQL Database team. He has 20+ years' experience in application development and database design, troubleshooting and performance tuning. As self-employed first, and then part of SQL CAT and Azure Data engineering teams, he presented at several industry leading conferences and co-wrote several articles on data related topics.

Silvano Coriani's Sessions

From the Classroom to the Boardroom – Azure SQL DB through DemosSQLBits 2023

Join us to learn about Azure SQL DB exciting features in form of demos, yes you heard it right, no slide only Demos.

Building SaaS solutions on Azure SQL DatabaseSQLBits 2023

Azure SQL Database is powering some of the largest SaaS solutions on the planet sporting millions of tenants. It does that through a combination of multiple multi-tenancy models that support different requirements and use cases. from few users to millions. In this session, we'll dig deeper into some examples of real-world architectures implemented by 1st party and 3rd party solution providers like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others, and see how these can be applied to your own scenarios.

Practical Azure SQL for the Modern DeveloperSQLBits 2020

Come learn how to take advantage of everything Azure SQL can offer to a developer

SQL Server in Windows Azure Infrastructure as a ServiceSQLBits 2013

Ewan Fairweather and Silvano Coriani from the SQL CAT team will take you on a tour of the new features that make up the Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks running SQL Server 2012 in a Virtual Machine.