I’m a database automation expert and DBA with a passion for helping my peers increase their data’s performance through automation. Every day I watch first-hand the power of modern database and application technologies transform organizations, and I get lit up by helping others experience the same. For over 10 years I’ve been working in complex environments on diverse teams. As a Data Platform Microsoft MVP, I spend my time sharing performance knowledge at global Data Platform events. I also train teams on modern database platform technologies. I believe that database teams can use modern workplace technologies like PowerShell and Azure DevOps to scale and manage their critical systems, leaving time in the day to actually work on projects that move the business forward. I know I spend too much time looking at screens because my wife tells me so! When I am not, you can usually find me, playing cricket in the summer, flying my drone in the winter or drinking fine whisky in the evening. 

I'm told I have a fabulous beard. 


Start from nothing and use Test Driven Development to write a PowerShell function that uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services API to analyse pictures. I will take you on a journey from nothing to a complete function
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