Matt is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has worked with SQL Server since 2000. He is the leader of the Lexington, KY PASS local group and a frequent local and international community speaker. He's also been named a 2019 Friend of Redgate and 2018-19 IDERA ACE. His original data professional role was as a database developer, which quickly evolved into query tuning work that further evolved into being a full-fledged DBA in the healthcare realm. He has supported several critical systems utilizing SQL Server and managed dozens of 24/7/365 SQL Server implementations. He currently utilizes that real world experience as a data platform consultant helping clients design solutions that meet their ever-changing business needs.
Matt Gordon has submitted 4 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Has your manager said to you "I expect the SQL Server databases to have zero downtime?" Learn how on-premises and cloud resources in the SQL Server ecosystem can work together to help you get closer to that lofty goal.
How can data professionals help a company deliver more personal and prompt communication to customers that are demanding it? Learn how data knowledge and the power of Azure Cognitive Services APIs can make that happen!
On-call DBAs have all had that phone call in the middle of the night: "the database is down, fix it now!" Learn how Azure Data Studio notebooks can make our responses faster and more organized so we can get more sleep!
The only DBA at your company just quit and your boss says to you "You do data stuff, right? You're our new DBA!" Congratulations, I guess? Walk through an action plan of how to tackle this opportunity!


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Have you wondered what it takes to keep an Always On availability group running and the users and administrators who depend on it happy? From security tips to maintenance advice, come hear about some less than obvious tips that will keep users happy.