John Morehouse is a Principal Consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting living in Louisville, Kentucky. Honored to be a Microsoft Data Platform MVP & VMWare vExpert, having over 2 decades of technical experience, John now focuses on solving crucial business problems with Microsoft SQL Server oriented solutions. John has a passion around speaking, teaching technical topics and giving back to his community whenever possible. He is a blogger, avid tweeter, and a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups whenever possible. If you want to find John, you can find him on Twitter (@sqlrus) or on his blog,


Previous Sessions

We'll examine how SQL Server databases function at the very lowest level, records and pages.
Unfortunately, disasters can affect cloud technologies and if you are't prepared for it, the results can be painful. Let's discuss ways to implement Azure SQL disaster recovery techniques to help protect your data!
A quick 20 minute discuss about learning how to deal with emotional hurdles when working for a SQL Celebrity.
Join three Microsoft Data Platform MVPs to discuss the best approach with building your Azure skills. You will learn the best approaches to gaining the skills you need to function in a cloud world.
You are busy, we are busy, everyone is busy. These are the tools that two busy consultants use to improve their productivity. We want to tell you about the tools that we use; that maximise our time, simplify our life, reduce our key strokes and generally make us appear more amazing. So that you can use them too. We have 20 minutes, so we wont go into much detail but we have some good quick stories to tell.
There is a time and a place for everything. John and Rob, being consultants, often say "Well, it depends" Lets talk about some of the times when the "rules" may not fit