On a hunch, and a distant memory of a professor raving about the future importance of data, James decided not to start his career in development but rather to accept a role as a junior report writer and SQL developer. From these humble and rather fortuitous roots, a passion for data, and particularly Business Intelligence grew.

James is now BI Architect at Dariel 3 days a week, building a Business Intelligence division to complement the existing software development service- and product offering at the company. In addition, James has started his own BI consulting firm aiming to improve the BI capabilities at small to medium sized clients, 

With a background in debating, and public speaking, it's not surprising that James is a regular speaker at the Joburg SQL User Group, focusing on simple skills to enhance your customer engagements, and deliver high quality BI solutions. He has spoken PASS Summit, SQLBits, Power BI World Tour, and SQL Saturdays in Europe, the USA and South Africa.
James McGillivray has submitted 3 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Data on its own is useful, but boring. Data in story form makes people sit up and take notice. Learn to craft effective stories and maximise the impact of your data communication.
Windowing Functions provide power and flexibility when writing complex queries, but are under utilised. Learn how to leverage the power of Windowing Functions, and develop the confidence to use them.
Cleaning and transforming data before loading it into a Power BI report is often more effective than leaving it for the data model. Learn the basics of PowerQuery and see how available clean data can be.


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Have you ever looked at other people's Power BI reports, and wondered how they look so good? Designing an aesthetically pleasing report does not require a graphic designer, just the lessons you'll take away from this session.