Ginger Grant is a Data Platform MVP who provides consulting services in advanced analytic solutions, including machine learning, data warehousing, and Power BI. She is an author of articles, books, and at and uses her MCT to provide data platform training in topics such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Python and Azure Machine Learning.


Previous Sessions

Learn how to configure SQL Server 2016 for running R. The individual components and executables installed with R on SQL Server will be explored to understand the internal interactions and processes involved.
A data warehouse is a method for providing a single source of truth, but there may be issues on relying on just one model as it does not meet the needs of all users or all types of data. In this session we will explore how to build a data environment which provides flexibility to different groups of users and examples of how to implement different types of technology to provide a broader set of solutions using Azure Synapse, Data lakes and Power BI.