Dustin Dorsey is currently the Sr. Data Architect at Healthpilot, a fast-growing healthcare technology startup in the US. He has over a decade of experience working with data in the healthcare industry serving in many different roles including administration, development and analytics. During this time, Dustin has gained a keen interest and specialization in cost management around the data platform both on-premises and in the cloud that he has used to provide significant savings for several organizations. He loves sharing things he has learned so in his spare time, he enjoys regularly speaking at conferences and community events, as well as, blogging about things he has learned. He also is also active in his community as co-organizer of his local SQL and Azure user group and will have his first published technical book releasing soon.


Learn what the Database Experimentation Advisor is and how you can start using it to baseline performance from a target and source server when new changes are introduced.
Learn the tools and techniques you can use to create governance and insights around your Azure spend
The session takes you through the most critical considerations for moving your on-premise data and databases into the Azure cloud, with a focus on the steps leading to the migration and immediately afterwards.