Dani is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for product development and business growth of flagship Azure SQL Managed Instance PaaS service. His areas of expertise in Azure SQL domain include high availability, hybrid links, backup and restore, intelligence, monitoring, automatic tuning and user\human interfaces. His experience brings in more than 15+ years of product innovation worldwide starting from Silicon Valley start-ups innovating Internet technologies to enterprise innovation in the intelligent cloud space.


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In just 20 minutes We are going to entertain you with 10 cool things about Azure SQL Managed Instance that you might not know, but that can be extremely useful
Discover one of the most exciting and most discussed cloud-connect features connecting SQL Server to Azure SQL Managed Instance for near real-time data replication. The link supports scenarios of near real-time analytics, offloading R/O workloads, minimum downtime migrations, and disaster recovery in Azure. I will show you innovations made in this space, technology behind the scenes, some tips and tricks, live demos, and I’ll talk about the feature future.
Meet the PG: Managed Instance with Dani Ljepava and Niko Neugebauer