Ben DeBow

Ben DeBow is an active member of the technology community. With his strong belief in creating relationships and supporting others, he has actively worked on providing results to clients in order to provide them with the end result that the client may have not even had known they needed. Over the year, Ben has presented at several industry thought leadership events and aspires to educate others on data in order to expand the technological community and provide knowledge to those seeking to discover hidden talents within the field. As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fortified Data, Ben DeBow guides the team of Fortified Data under the core values of giving back, maintaining curiosity, driving towards results, being respectful, and having fun. Ben founded Fortified Data in January 2002 with a vision to provide clients with innovative ways to provide clients with a to discover the value of their data and scale their data systems to meet their business goals and objectives. Ben is an experienced consultant who has advised clients of all sizes around the world on scaling and designing their mission critical applications. With his unique technical expertise, he has been help client meet their business and technical goals while reducing risk and based on this experience, his vision is to incorporate these unique experiences services that Fortified Data offers to clients around the world.