HP and Microsoft have embarked on the largest partnership agreement in the history of the industry: in excess of USD $250M to jointly architect, build and deliver integrated solution stacks leveraging best-of-breed technology from both companies. The results of these efforts over the past 18 months are now bearing fruit in the form of purpose-built, pre-installed and pre-configured appliances targeted at Tier-1 and Tier-2 Data Management workloads. These solutions are sold, shipped and supported as a single entity, and address key workloads such as self-service BI, data warehousing, database consolidation and online transaction processing. With Windows and SQL Server, as well as other applications and custom code from HP and Microsoft pertinent to the solution, pre-installed and optimized directly from the HP factory, what might have previously taken weeks or even months to design, acquire, deploy and tune now takes less than a day. This session will provide deeper insight into the currently available appliances (Business Decision Appliance, Business Data Warehouse, Enterprise Data Warehouse) and solution blocks (Database Consolidation Solution), as well as provide a glimpse into the road ahead.
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