SQLBits 2023

Extended Governance of Power BI with Microsoft Purview

Extend your Power BI governance functionality with Microsoft Purview. This session will show you how, what's in it for your PBI Landscape in terms of data catalog, -map and -lineage, data loss prevention, life cycles management and information protection. You will see live demos, watch outs and implementation best practises.
As soon as your Power BI user base or usage pattern getting bigger, or you extend from pure Self-Service to Corporate BI, you definitely need a proper governance on your PBI tenant. Out of the box Power BI offers already functionality. In this session we will extend these governance functions with the help of Microsoft Purview. With Purview we add not only Data Catalog, -Map and extended lineage functionality we will improve data loss prevention, data life cycle management end to end and add information protection. The session will include live demos, watch out and implementation best practises.