SQLBits 2023

ADX and the last crusade

Introductory session to Azure Data Explorer that shows some examples how to set up ADX and how to use it.
On the quest for the holy grail of big data analysis, German Data Platform MVP Frank Geisler do not have to cross catacombs or fly an airship. Instead, the quest for big data analysis is much easier as they are aided by the Azure Data Explorer (ADX).
ADX is a fully managed service that facilitates analysis of large amounts of data and comes as a solution hosted on a cluster. To query data from the underlying databases, ADX utilizes the Kusto language. Recently, ADX has even be included in Synapse Analytics.
In our session, I will give an overview of ADX. I will show the setup and usage of the solution and give an introduction to the Kusto query language. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of what ADX is and how they might use it in their Azure projects.