In this Session MVP Frank Geisler and first time speaker Timur Dudhasch will give an introduction to Bicep for the Cloud DBA.
As more and more systems are migrated to the cloud and as the sheer number of systems rises continuously Frank and Timur will demonstrate how to ease the process of creating and maintaining resources in the cloud via bicep. Bicep is a simplification of the descriptive notation of cloud resources that was introduced via ARM Templates. There are several advantages of having cloud resources described via bicep. First of all the bicep code is a documentation of the deployed infrastructure (which is also called "Infrastucture as code"). Another big advantage of Bicep is that before applying the script to the Azure Subscription a "delta" is calculated and only the differences will be deployed. Furthermore it is possible to deploy Changes on you infrastructure via a deployment pipeline.
In this session Frank and Timur will explain how to write Bicep Scripts and demonstrate this with several Azure Resources.

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