Welcome to GitHub and Azure DevOps Duet. A session created due to the rising interest in using both together.

It's a tale about how a development team and an operations team must bond together and figure out how to use GitHub and Azure DevOps together for Data Platform deployments.

They need to figure out how to use GitHub and Azure DevOps together to implement their processes and make it work for all parties.

In the session we will discuss:

- the challenges of implementing DevOps
- which features from GitHub and Azure DevOps to use
- setting up a database solution project
- testing your database releases using tSQLt
- setting up your GitHub Actions workflows
- managing your manual tests strategy
- using Power BI to show data from both together

By the end of this session this session you will have the tools and knowledge to get started with DevOps and take your development process to the next level.

Feel free to bring along your questions about either products. Sander is well known for being a GitHub advocate, and I've worked with Azure DevOps for one of the largest consumers of it in the world.

Feedback Link - https://sqlb.it/?7083