SQLBits 2020

Power BI Governance overview

Governance of your Power BI environment is very important. Setting up structure around it will allow developers (IT or business) to develop Power BI content the right way, first time as well as aid administrators

In this session we will hear about a method to govern your Power BI environment. This method is built upon my experience as a Power BI lead for a multinational company as well as my work with various customers of different sizes. 

In my experience many organizations start thinking Power BI governance too late. Users are already working with Power BI and used to be in the Power BI Wild West. No matter if you are starting your Power BI journey or already in the Power BI Wild West this session will help you start with Power BI governance or enhance your existing one.

The method has four main pillars:


All these pillars are equally important but with different complexity. We will dive into each pillar and look at examples on documents and implementation methods. We will then bind it all together into a cohesive method and suggest how to approach the implementation.