From Zero to Azure Data Factory is designed to jumpstart data engineering and data integration developers, introducing them to Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF is a cloud data engineering and data integration platform designed to orchestrate data-related activities and move data between sources and sinks in the cloud, on-premises, and combinations thereof.

Lesson 0: Introduction

Lesson 1: Provision a Data Factory

  • Examine Azure Portal
  • Survey ADF artifacts
  • Create Your First ADF Pipeline

Lesson 2: Basic Data Movement 

  • Copy Data Activity
  • Delete Activity
  • Stored Procedure Activity

Lesson 3: Pipeline Orchestration

  • Conditional, Lookup, ForEach Activities
  • Debugging
  • Triggers

Lesson 4: Monitoring

  • ADF Portal

Lesson 5: Azure-SSIS

  • Provision an Azure-SSIS instance
  • Azure-SSIS execution options
  • Lifting and shifting on-premises SSIS to Azure-SSIS

Lesson 6: Enterprise ADF Execution Patterns

  • Leveraging the Parent-Child design pattern.

Presented by Andy Leonard at SQLBits 2020