SQLBits 2019

Thats So Metadata: Discover Your Database From the Inside

Learn about the metadata features in SQL Server that describe your database and how they can make documentation, tuning, and maintenance much easier.

Have you ever needed to learn a new database design and don't know where to begin? Or are trying to find out why a query doesn't perform well?  Or need to provide security information to auditors or your security team?

SQL Server has numerous metadata facilities available to help you with these tasks and more. Functions, dynamic management views, and system stored procedures can illuminate details from a single column up through an entire SQL Server instance. We will demonstrate metadata techniques to help you:

 - Document your database schema objects such as procedures, functions, tables, columns and indexes

- Investigate performance and look for bottlenecks and tuning opportunities

- Discover metadata to administer your databases backups, index maintenance, and security

- Apply your own metadata using extended properties

 We will also cover the official Microsoft documentation on these features and other resources on how to use them.