Azure Analysis Services is a fully-featured PaaS version of Analysis Services. In this full-day pre-con you’ll learn what it is, why you should consider using it and how you can build BI solutions with it.

Topics covered will include:

  • Comparing the features and costs of on-premises Analysis Services and Azure Analysis Services, and deciding when Azure Analysis Services is the right option
  • Creating and configuring an Azure Analysis Services instance
  • Using Visual Studio/SSDT and other tools such as the Web Designer, BISM Normalizer and Tabular Editor to design your Analysis Services database
  • Using M for data access to on-premises and cloud-based data sources
  • Choosing between storing data in-memory and DirectQuery mode
  • Using PowerShell and the REST API to automate common tasks
  • Scaling-up and scaling-out, when each one is appropriate, and how to automate this
  • Automating partition creation
  • Granting access to internal and external users
  • Applying row-level and object-level security
  • Using Azure Analysis Services as a data source for Power BI and Excel
  • Monitoring and auditing

In addition, any new features (and it’s inevitable that there will be many) that are added to Azure Analysis Services in the run-up to SQLBits will also be covered.

Presented by Chris Webb at SQLBits XVII