SQLBits 2017

Impact of weather on English Premier League in Power BI

By using open data and web scraping in Power BI we will examine if weather has an impact on games in the English Premier League. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using open data and web page data how Power BI works with it.
Have you ever wondered if there are scored more goals when it rains or if Stoke wins more games on cold weekday evening at bet265 stadium? This session shows how you can use open data sources and web pages to gather data.

How you can then manipulate and extend it and finally report on it. We will look into how you can use data from Azure data market or other open source and combine it with data from web pages to create the dataset you need.

When we have our dataset we will manipulate and extend it using M and DAX so that we can get meaningful insights from it. We will then dive into the data to see if there is anything to report. 

In this end to end Power BI Desktop demo we will use fun data that many can relate to as the English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. The audience will take away many nuggets of information as they see how a real world example could look like. I will share with them all the obstacles and learning I got when creating this report so they will see both the limitation of Power BI Desktop and open data as well as its strength. First of all the audience will learn how to use Power BI Desktop to create something real with fun data.

Both the data acquisition and manipulation as well as the reporting is covered in this demo rich session. The audience will learn about Power BI desktops strength and weaknesses as well as the benefits and potential problems with using open data and web pages as source.

In the end the Power BI Desktop file will be available to download for the audience.