SQLBits 2014

BI Tips and Tricks with SQL Server Reporting Services

Impress the boss and your colleagues by delivering Dashboards, KPIS, maps and Scorecards wrapped in a tablet-ready interface with SSRS
Corporate Business Intelligence does not have to be long and boring lists. Nor need it be usurped by smoke and mirrors solutions which lure IT departments into complex, unsuitable and expensive presentation layers for enterprise data. Most IT departments already have in place a powerful solution which they might not be using to its full potential – SQL Server Reporting Services. This session explains how to push SSRS to a new level and deliver:
  • Compelling Dashboards
  • Arresting KPIs
  • Stunning gauges
  • Descriptive Scorecards
  • Maps
  • Enhanced interactivity
  • Tablet and SmartPhone output
Delivering reports which can rival the output of competitive products does not require anything other than an appreciation of a series of tips and tricks which extend your SSRS knowledge and current skills. This session will teach you how to:
  • Extend the use of parameters in new and unexpected ways.
  • Push SSRS functions to their limits.
  • Use Images to powerful effect.
  • Use tables in ways you never imagined possible to align and present data, sparklines and trends.
  • Control positioning and layout using little-known options and properties.
Then you will see how revamp the SSRS interface to create:
  • Touch-enabled buttons and tabs to create reports better adapted to tablets and smartphones.
  • “Power-View” styling for a more modern look and feel.
  • Imitate popup menus in an SSRS report.
Finally you will see a few essential data techniques to:
  • Create reusable functions to calculate and return maximum values for gauges.
  • Link datasets.
  • Cache datasets.
  • Link an SSAS server to return data to T-SQL complex queries.
  • Page data sets.