SQLBits 2013

SSIS 2012 logging and monitoring

In this session we will learn about the SSISDB catalog views. We will use this info plus our own info to build a monitoring solution for SSIS using SSRS.
Building Integration services packages is one. Creating a monitoring solution for all packages and ETL processes is something different. Good monitoring however can be a live safer, or  may be it is simply part of your functional specs.
In this session we will recap how logging worked in SSIS 2008. We will then discuss some of the features introduced in 2012 and the benefits of project deployment. We will dive into the SSISDB catalog views and discuss pro’s and con’s of the available views. We will add our own logging to packages to extend the out-of-the-box logging available in SSIS 2012. We end this demo-only session by building a simple SSRS report on top of the logging we build/configured for our packages.