Many organizations find the implementation and maintenance of well architected, agile BI solutions based on the Microsoft BI stack to be excessively time-consuming and complex. Varigence tools accelerate BI development, enhance reusability, and improve agility through the use of customizable patterns and automation scripts. Define all aspects of your BI solution in a common language using a convenient visual editor, and Varigence tools will transform your metadata into comprehensive T-SQL scripts, database schemas, SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, and documentation. You can leverage existing frameworks or implement your own, with down-to-the-metal customizability. This allows you to quickly implement and modify complete BI solutions without replicating effort in multiple projects.

In addition, we’ll take a very brief look at our Vivid add-in for Excel, which adds richer, deeper, analytical functionality to native Excel PivotTables. Vivid adds features to Excel that were previously only found in standalone products like ProClarity, and then layers additional new functionality, including Tabular and PowerPivot support, and rich embedded commentary.
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Presented by Varigence at SQLBits X