SQLBits 2017

Orchestrating data with Azure Data Factory

See how Azure Data Factory orchestrates the movement of data in Azure, with a case study from a Microsoft partner.
The need for batch movement of data on a regular time schedule is a requirement for most analytics solutions. Within the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Azure Data Factory (ADF) is the service that can be used to fulfil such a requirement.

In this session, you will see the components required within ADF to orchestrate the movement of data within the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Looking at scenarios such as moving data from on premise servers to Azure BLOB storage or a database, to invoking analytical workloads such as invoking Machine Learning model evaluations. Azure Data Factory brings all this together. Also see a real world case study from a Microsoft Partner on how they implemented an Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Lake business intelligence solution for a 1.5 billion user customer.