It used to be easy to ignore, but times have changed. More and more we are required to manage multiple data platforms. As this information became more apparent, Redgate started down the journey to add additional RDBMS platform support to its amazing toolset. Join Grant Fritchey as he relates both Redgate's and his own personal journey of discovery on how to use the PostgreSQL system. Learn why it's important that you develop knowledge and skills. Discover some of the mechanisms that made this journey easier. Finally, find some ways to overcome the challenges you're likely to meet. It's a multi-platform world out there, this session will help you cope with it.
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In this session, we’ll tackle the challenges that come with getting yours hands on quality data for test, QA, and CI practices.
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Learn the fundamentals of how to work within Git in this 20 minute session.
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Database refactoring could be tricky sometimes. To learn more about it come to my session, where I will tell you about different situations and scenarios I've came across during the last 10 years. I will share my experience; traps, you easily can get into, and what solutions did I choose to come over it.
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How to design data strategy and choose the right database for modern cloud applications.
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A guide to available services and solutions for timeseries data
Version control provides benefits beyond DevOps automation.
Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning.
Learn what's new in Microsoft Defender for Cloud for data store
There are several different data platform solutions for use within your application. Selecting the right option can make the difference between a well-performing application and a poorly performing one; not to mention the cost aspect of choosing the wrong solution.
Azure's breadth of products can make technology selection a challenge. Learn how to make pragmatic and informed choices that meet your application's data transformation, processing and storage requirements.
Learn what SQL Injection is and all the mechanisms you should employ to help stop it.
While you might have read about notebooks being used for Data Science, this session is for DBAs. You will see how you can use SQL Notebooks to simplify your work.