About Us

SQLBits is one of the world’s leading events for data professionals to gain knowledge and connections.

SQLBits was formed in 2007 by a group of individuals who were passionate about the SQL Server product suite and wanted to provide much-needed education for data professionals.

Since then it has grown to be the largest Data Platform conference in the world, running annually and featuring 200 world class speakers, 300+ hours of content, and the best networking opportunities in the industry.

Unlike other conferences, over 95% of the content is non-marketing driven, providing real-world insight into successfully planning, building, and operating a modern data platform.

The team behind SQLBits are all data professionals working in the industry and as such, ensure the content provided is what you need to be successful. The experience spans transactional data systems through big data, analytics, AI, and machine learning. Let’s meet them!

Meet the team!

Simon Sabin


Simon’s passion for community and learning led him to create SQLBits, the preeminent global data platform conference. As a Microsoft MVP since 2005 and a Microsoft Regional Director, Simon's expertise is unparalleled. He is also the force behind Sabin.io, a data consultancy that turbocharges companies through cutting-edge DevOps strategies. With a track record spanning diverse sectors like finance, retail, and motor sports, Simon is the ultimate data expert. He propels companies to new heights by: 1. revolutionizing their data practices, championing DevOps, agile methodologies, and continuous integration. 2. He crafts visionary cloud data strategies and 3. Fine-tunes platforms for peak performance, security, and scalability.

Darren Green


Darren had a brilliant idea to revolutionize knowledge sharing and education, leading to the creation of SQLBits. A platform where people from all walks of life can come together to explore the world of data. But that's not all he's up to... Darren earned his first MVP award back in 2002 and has been working his magic as an independent consultant ever since. With his extensive experience in SQL Server (starting from version 6.5!), Darren has become a true guru in the field. His focus lies in cracking the toughest challenges and finding ingenious solutions using SQL Server and SSIS.

Annette Allen

Board & Speaker Lead

Meet Annette, the SQL Server superstar! She earned her very first MVP award in 2019, marking the beginning of her impressive journey. With a solid 15 years of experience under her belt, Annette has seen it all in the SQL Server world. She started as a Developer and eventually transitioned into the role of a DBA in 2015. Annette lends a helping hand to her husband, Jonathan, in managing SQLSouthWest, the coolest SQL User Group in Cornwall/Devon, based right in the heart of Exeter. Her passion for sharing knowledge and fostering a vibrant community led her to join the SQLBits committee!

Jonathan Allen

Board & Community Lead

Jonathan's passionate about performance tuning, development, and leveraging SQL Server to deliver effective business solutions. As a Data professional, Jonathan played a key role in launching SQLBits, an incredible resource designed to empower individuals like you with the knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. Beyond his involvement with SQLBits, Jonathan is the founder and leader of the PASS SQL South West user group, where he fosters a vibrant community of SQL enthusiasts.

Alex Whittles

Board & Registration Lead

Let me introduce you to the remarkable Alex, the mastermind behind Purple Frog Systems, a thriving data analytics consultancy. As the owner and principal consultant, Alex is an expert in all things data. But Alex isn't just any consultant; he's an MVP in his field. With an MSc in Business Intelligence, a chartered engineer status, and even a pilot's licence! Alex is a true powerhouse of knowledge. He loves sharing his skills and expertise with others, and SQLBits is the perfect platform for him to make a positive impact.

Traci Sewell

Board & DEI Lead

Traci joined the committee to take the tech down a notch! She lives in Somerset with some (very cute) cats, some horses and her husband, Rob. When not looking after all of those, she also works to sooth people's minds as a psychotherapist. Being tech-adjacent she has been drawn into the tech event organising world, where she brings her life long knowledge, expertise and fearsome determination to empower and protect those who are outside of the generic majority box.

Rob Sewell

Board & Session Lead

Rob's all about PowerShell, Azure, Automation, and rocking the SQL world (PaaS geddit?). Rob is a Cloud and Data Center MVP, a Data Platform MVP, and a true champion of the Data and PowerShell communities by being co-leader of Data South West UK User Group and PSConf EU organiser as well as being part of the SQLBits team! When he's not busy sharing his wisdom online and through international talks, you'll find him solving problems and embracing the joy of technology. Plus, he's got a fabulous beard that adds to his awesomeness!

Steph Martin

Board & Helper Lead

Steph is a systems thinking guru pursuing an MSC while juggling roles as a DE&I and Helper advocate at SQLBits, an inspiring MCR Pathways Mentor, and a dynamic community powerhouse with a history of organizing and volunteering at SQL Saturday, SQLBits, and the Southampton Data Platform and Cloud User Group. With a mind for complexity, a heart for inclusion, and a flair for community magic, Steph is a true embodiment of awesome!