Vicky is passionate about open source and about making databases easier and more delightful to use. She has been working on database tooling and experiences since 2004 and is presently the product lead for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for MariaDB at Microsoft.


Catch up with the latest updates across Azure Data Studio and VS Code as we continue to bring improvements for database developers. In this session, you will learn how to get started with SQL Projects, to try out the latest new feature announcements, and to hear about plans for the future roadmap of SQL experiences. You won't want to miss out on this session.
Join Alan Yu and Erin Stellato to talk about all the tools you use to connect like SSMS, SSDT, Azure Data Studio, Visual Studio Code, and our CLI tools.
Join Vicky Harp, product lead for the Azure Database for MySQL and MariaDB products, for a discussion on MySQL in Azure and Microsoft's approach to open source databases and tools. Features a sneak peek of MySQL in Azure Data Studio.
Vicky has worked on all of the operational databases at Microsoft and is currently product lead for MySQL and MariaDB. Come chat about user experiences, open source, developer productivity, and more.