Thomas holds a degree in Business Administration, but has been a data explorer and a developer at heart ever since the days of dBase and Turbo Pascal. He touched his first SQL Server at V6.5 and used covering indexes before they became a feature.

Thomas has been developing in Navision systems for quite some time (since 2001, one year before MS acquired Navision), joined PASS in 2006 and got his hands on R in 2014 (the year before MS bought Revolution Analytics).

He has worked for ISVs as well as end-user companies, as a developer, consultant, accidental DBA and is an author for data-related articles as well as a speaker at SQL events across Europe.
Thomas Hütter has submitted 4 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

An introduction to the philosophy of tidy data and the collection of R packages called Tidyverse that help to treat your data appropriately. Including lots of demos from ingesting to cleaning to visualizing your data.
Let's refresh your memories on how geospatials work in SQL Server: data types from 0 to 2 dimensions, functions on geometry and geography objects, including practical applications.
A walkthrough of all the JOIN operators that are supported in T-SQL scripts with their syntax and use case demos, including a glance "under the hood" of query plans, right up to CROSS and OUTER APPLY.
We'll develop a dashboard-like overview of you agent jobs and their durations with the help of R. Graphical representations including trendlines instead of staring at number columns, without spending extra ££.


Previous Sessions

„A picture is worth a thousand words“ - compelling visualizations beyond the usual bar, line or scatter plots, produced with the help of the ggplot2 package and friends.
A walk-through on what is possible analyzing your data with the "R" language.