Theo is passionate about NoSQL and distributed computing. He joined Microsoft in 2017 as a Data Solution Architect, and has been in the Cosmos DB Engineering team as a Program Manager since 2019. He is currently focussed on product management of Cassandra API and MI offerings, and the Java SDK for SQL API.


In this session, we will discuss the strategies and thought process one should adopt for modeling and partition data effectively in Azure Cosmos DB. We will also briefly cover related topics such implementing optimistic concurrency control, transactions with stored procedures, batch operations, and tuning queries + indexing
In this session we will take the relational data model for a simple e-commerce application and migrate it to a horizontally partitioned, NoSQL database. Along the way you will learn the concepts, techniques and technologies needed to model for a horizontally partitioned NoSQL database that will allow your application to achieve millisecond response times with near unlimited size and scalability.
We will go step-by-step on how to configure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB and show off the features that allow users to build dashboards as well as do analytics on their operational data.