Microsoft MVP. Principal consultant & Owner of Advancing Analytics. A consultancy who help businesses advance their analytics and better understand their data. Frequent speaker at events across the globe. Organiser of the Data Science user group in Exeter, UK and previous co-organiser of SQL Saturday Exeter, UK. 


This session explores SQL Server 2017's Graph processing to better understand interconnectivity and behaviour in your data.
Deep Neural Networks, Long Short Term Memory Models, Data Science, AI, Fun for all the family. Using SQLBits data to write new sessions. Deep technincal but light and fun.
In this session I will show you how to apply DevOps practices to speed up your development cycle and ensure that you have robust deployable models. We will focus on the Azure cloud platform in particular, however this is applicable to other platforms
In this session, we will introduce the Advancing Analytics Machine Learning Canvas and how it can be used to capture requirements for Machine Learning Projects.
In this session we focus on how Spark implements Machine Learning at Scale with Spark ML.
Deployment == Return on investment. This session looks to show you how to do that for Machine Learning.
There is a lot of content available on Synapse for Data Engineering, but what about Machine Learning? In this session we will look at how to integrate a SparkML model in Synapse.