As Chief Cloud Architect with Adatis Consulting, Simon has been working with the Microsoft BI Stack for a decade, starting off building traditional warehouses with SSIS and SSAS but bringing in alternative technologies where needed. Most recently, he has turned his head to the clouds, advocating new methods of getting insight to the right people. Whether it's automating file ingestion into Azure Data Lakes, applying massive compute via SQLDW & Data Lake Analytics, or simply shifting your current SSIS packages into the cloud, he can help.

Simon is a strong advocate of the use of modern development practices in the SQL World (we actually are developers, whether we like it or not) and runs the SQL Surrey PASS chapter.


Data Warehouses are changing. This session will run through the architecture of the modern warehouse, from structured/unstructured Azure Data Lakes to platform as a service Azure Data Warehouse and bringing the two together.
Azure SQLDW - WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW to use it.