Scott Klein is CTO of Cloud and Devices, a leading Microsoft cloud technology training partner specializing in data and analytics, including IoT and AI/Cognitive Services. His passion for data technologies recently brought him to Cloud and Devices which has allowed him to travel all over the globe teaching and evangelizing. Prior to Cloud and Devices, Scott spent 6 years and a Senior Technical evangelist, and prior to Microsoft, Scott was one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs, and even though those don’t exist anymore, he still claims it. Scott has authored several books that talk about IoT and Microsoft’s Azure data services, and continues to look for ways to help developers and companies grok the benefits of cloud computing. He also thinks “grok” is an awesome word.


This session will discuss the recommended approaches and best practices for partitioning and scaling Windows Azure SQL Database, allowing you to fully leverage the managed relational database service and take advantage of massive scale-out scenarios.
This session will focus on 5 great hybrid cloud features available in SQL Server 2014 that show how you can use these features to lower your TCO and leverage the cloud to provide new disaster recovery and backup solutions.
This session will look at SQL Database Elastic Scale through the important lens of the DBA, focusing on the critical aspects of database performance, maintenance, and management without adding unnecessary complexity.
Working on full abstract...i'll update this week.
This session will take you on an end-to-end journey of IoT, the Internet-of-things, from data generation to data movement, discussing topics such as "big data" and looking at all the services and technologies that help you understand your data
Data acquisition and analysis in the real world with IoT.