Sascha has been working with Microsoft SQL Server and the efficient automation of database-related tasks for several decades. Still having a developer soul, he is now responsible for the development of the PSG tool stack, which his colleagues and customers use to analyze and optimize database servers around the world. Furthermore, he still shares his experience and knowledge in numerous workshops and training as well as at community events.


The Microsoft SQL Server provides a complete library of programmatically accessed objects for all Business Intelligence relevant services. With this set of functions almost any customer challenge can be solved without the need to purchase additional products. This possibility is often underestimated in projects. The session will explain the hidden power of using the Microsoft APIs to build BI middleware solutions for enterprise customers.
The SQL Server provides much functionality that increases the scalability and flexibility of your solution by distributing data and jobs among low-priced commodity servers.
The Master Data Services offers an easy to use toolset to work with Master Data. In this session we will explore the hidden power of MDS to integrate this service in our solutions. Take your MDS Project on a higher level.
The Microsoft SQL Server comes with many features to take a look behind the scenes of the powerful engines. This session will explain how to use the power of these tools to write your own monitoring and diagnostics environment in Powershell and C#.
In this session, we will discover how to utilize common machine learning approaches for daily SQL Server DBA tasks.