Sanjay Mishra is a product leader in Microsoft Azure Data. He leads product management and program management for the SQL team in Microsoft, which includes the products such as SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, SQL Hyperscale, Serverless, Elastic Pools, Azure SQL VM, Hybrid, Migrations, Tools and Experiences, etc. Prior to this role, has served as a Technical Advisor to the VP of Azure Data PM, and led the eminent SQLCAT and DataCAT teams.


Previous Sessions

With R in SQL Server 2016, data engineers (DBAs, developers) are expanding their horizons and deriving more value for the business from their data. Come see how this is brining people in business together.
This session will cover High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for SQL Server on Linux. What technology options are available and how to build a highly available database solution on Linux
In this session we will demonstrate a few workload patterns on Azure SQL Database and discuss how to identify and remove bottlenecks in order to scale those applications.