Robert Sonders

Microsoft Certified with 25+ years of real-life workload focused experience, developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions with an intense database focus. Results-driven, consultative and strategic Dell Technologies Technical Staff – Engineering Technologist, offering a strong balance between business savvy and technical capabilities. Aligning with Microsoft workloads of database, multicloud storage software, hybrid and collaboration executing on the Dell Technologies product stack.

Robert Sonders's Sessions

Dell and Azure Arc-enabled data services - SQL MI Business CriticalSQLBits 2023

Are you developing or expanding your data services estate and need insights on how to plan, deploy and service hybrid data solutions? Come hear from technical experts from Dell Technologies on how to meet the most demanding mission critical requirements for your business with fully-automated and consistent data solutions built around Azure Arc–enabled data services. Attendees will hear real world approaches to ensuring that solutions are successfully deployed, perf and business continuity exceed business expectations, optimize IT resources, and simplify Dev/Ops with predictability.

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and DellSQLBits 2023

Join Dell and AMD for an overview of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform with Dell and AMD validation on our Power portfolio of products with particular focus on Azure Stack HCI. We’ll cover the breadth of opportunity to address moving from data centers to centers of data with choice, flexibility, leveraging any data anywhere, with simple tools and resources.

Azure Stack HCI and Microsoft Hybrid Data ServicesSQLBits 2023

Join Dell and AMD and see how a Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI running 3rd generation AMD Milan-X processors can simplify your deployment and operations for running SQL Server 2022. In this session we will demonstrate its ease of use and flexibility as a DBaaS platform for addressing your database management challenges. As an all-in-one validated HCI system that includes full-stack life cycle management, native integration into Azure, and support Azure Arc on-demand services, it enables organizations to create modern cloud-native applications that deliver exceptional customer value. We will be sharing reference architecture details and performance testing results.

SQL Server 2022 – Time to Rethink your Backup and Recovery StrategySQLBits 2023

Join Dell for an overview of new capabilities with SQL 2022 and storage backup and recovery. At Dell Technologies we have known the power of storage snapshots for over a decade. Storage snapshots are a fundamental feature in Dell PowerStore and the rest of the Dell storage portfolio. They are a powerful feature that allows point-in-time volume copies to be created and recovered in seconds or less, regardless of size. For SQL 2022, one of the most exciting is the Transact-SQL snapshot backup feature. This is a gem that can transform your backup and recovery strategy and turbocharge your database recoveries!

Data Modernization in a Hybrid WorldSQLBits 2023

Join Dell for an overview of the data journey, moving from consolidation on modern architectures, to Linux, to containers, to true native hybrid cloud for all your data “things”. We’ll touch on the realities that we see with all customers and Dell partners to further your journey with a holistic model approach.

SQL 2022 and S3 – Dell’s overview of consuming object data via Microsoft SQLSQLBits 2023

Join Dell for an overview of the architecture, components, and deployment steps for the SQL Server 2022 S3 Data Analytics validated solution on Dell’s hardware stack. This solution demonstrates data virtualization by connecting SQL Server instances to external object storage using S3 protocol, enhancing data protection by backing up and restoring from Dell ECS object storage, and exploring newly introduced T-SQL functions for better analysis of data.