Rob Farley is not your average speaker. Sure, he's an MCM, MCT, and MVP (since 2006). Sure, he runs a Gold Partner consultancy (LobsterPot Solutions in Australia) with two other Data Platform MVPs on the team. Sure he's written books and heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. Sure, he's spent time on the PASS board and on the Australian Computer Society executive. But when Rob gives presentations he does so without slides - just demos - and challenges how you think about data. You can read some of Rob's work at, or at, or catch him on Twitter at @rob_farley.


StreamInsight is Microsoft's technology for Stream Data Processing and Complex Event Processing (CEP). In this session you will get an overview of what CEP is, what problems it tries to solve and how StreamInsight tries to do it.
Allowing the query optimiser do its job of simplification is an important feature if any database design. In this session, Rob takes us through ways that a database design can leverage features of the query optimiser such as redundant joins and end up with a system the provides a much simpler querying environment.
A look at spatial data visualisation, including the maps in SSRS 2008 R2, handling shapefiles for those of us who have to deal with maps outside the USA, geocoding addresses with Bing, using the Silverlight Bing Maps control, and even PivotViewer.
SARGability relates to the ability to search through an index for a value, but many DB Pros don’t really get it – especially in regard to joins – leading to queries which don’t run as well as they should. No slides here, just demos...
Logical v Physical, Semi Joins, Lookup Joins, Redundant Joins - there is so much more to joins than you may have considered, and yet they are so fundamental to almost every query you ever write.