Rie Merritt

Rie Merritt has been working with SQL Server since 1999, starting as a data analyst for a non-profit. She's worked in many industries over the years including pharmaceutical, e-commerce, legal, financial, education and government. She is currently the Elite Influencers Lead (MVP, RD, Super Users) and as liaison between the product group and the data community. She is based out of Redmond but works remotely from her home near Atlanta. Rie was an MVP in the Data Platform for three years before joining Microsoft. She speaks frequently at conferences and moderates webinars, WIT panels and career panels. Over the years, she's been co-leader of the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group, Executive Director of SQL Saturday Atlanta and helps run the Atlanta Azure Data User Group.

Rie Merritt's Sessions

Microsoft Defender for SQL: Advanced Threat ProtectionSQLBits 2023

Microsoft Defender for SQL is part of the Azure Defender family and it protects SQL Server in two main ways. We'll cover the first way, Advanced Threat Protection. This is a feature with advanced security capabilities that detect anomalous activities that might access or exploit sql server, like SQL Injection.

Understanding Maintenance in Azure SQLSQLBits 2023

You know Microsoft handles patches and updates for your OS and SQL but what does that really mean? When does that maintenance occur, what might happen and do I have any control? Let's answer these questions and more in 20 minutes.

Women In Tech: Lifting as We ClimbSQLBits 2023

In this session, you'll learn a few actionable steps that anyone can take to support women in tech where you work, every day. From meetings to project assignments, from hiring to sponsorship - women need allies and a support system to offset biases and patterns of behavior that work against their success. We'll start with a short presentation and then pivot to questions and discussions. Feel free to share your day-to-day experiences, and we'll help find actionable steps you can take to improve things.

Microsoft's Hybrid Data StrategySQLBits 2022

Learn how to build the best hybrid data strategy with Azure Stack and Azure Arc.