Richard Douglas worked with SQL Server for over 20 years including stints at Quest, Dell, and SentryOne. He now works for Couchbase helping Enterprise customers modernise their applications with NoSQL. Twitter as @SQLRich + @NoSQLSherpa


Ensuring top performance is never easy. To maintain performance you need to make sure you’re monitoring the right things. How do you know if the figures you’re seeing are good or bad? Baseline comparisons can help.
In this session, you'll gain invaluable guidance for optimizing your backup strategies. Using trace flags the session will cover how SQL Server manages its own backup options and how you can tune them to meet your SLAs.
In this session you'll learn all about SQL Server wait statistics. These are statistics the database engine stores about the resources it is waiting on. Armed with this information you as a SQL Server professional can make better informed decisions.
In this demo-packed session, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks for SQL code tuning. Using both free and paid tools from SQL Sentry, you’ll learn tips and tricks you can immediately apply to your SQL code, not to mention the free tools!
In this session you will learn to appreciate how the transaction log works and how you can improve the performance of your applications by making the right architectural choices.
We'll look at events that you should be monitoring, how you can use various services & IoT enabled devices to alert you in ways that were never possible. You'll leave with a new outlook of how teams can be notified to fix problems faster than ever.
Learn how to investigate the mysterious case of SQL Server performance problems in TempDB.
Indexing presents daunting challenges for even the most seasoned professionals, it offers countless options to choose from. With a little help you’ll see how to simplify indexing in your environment & improve the overall performance of your apps