Peter O'Connell is a senior product manager responsible for the Quest software database performance management portfolio. Has spent over 20 years in the software industry having qualified as a computer engineer in 1994. He developed on the Microsoft stack from the outset of his career during which time he designed and built large enterprise and web applications with SQL Server as the database of choice. He went on to manage teams and run a business before coming to DELL software where today he manages a portfolio of tools that cover performance monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, development and administration. Today his mission is to create tools that liberate users from the daily grind to find the time required to explore the many new exciting opportunities brought by emerging platforms, cloud technologies, mobility and data analytics.


DBAs are living in a world of constant flux. This session analyses research on the how the role is evolving, the concerns facing DBAs today and valuable insights on the DBAs path to career success. Learn how the megatrends of our industry and are shaping the role of the DBA today.
Maximise resolution time with some joined up thinking between developers and DBAs. We'll show how to identify poorly performing SQL, how to navigate and analyse its plan and how to increase performance, and cover some free tools to help connect you resolve issues faster.