Niall has been building data solutions on the Microsoft platform for 12 years. In the past few years Niall has been focused on helping clients with data engineering in Azure.

Niall helps run the Bristol user group, has been a helper at the last 2 SQLBits. He speaks regularly at user groups and conferences.
Niall Langley has submitted 5 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

If you are used to using on-prem tools and the shear number of services in Azure seems daunting, this is the talk for you. We take a whistle stop tour of the services most valuable to data professionals.
We start with a short intro to Data Factory and Databricks, their history, and their place in the Azure ecosystem. We then dive into demos of both tools to see how we would use them to accomplish a simple data transform.
Databricks and Spark are very different to the traditional ETL tools used in the past. In this session we get to know the tools, and see some demos that show how they can be great tools for transforming our data in Azure
Databricks development is primarily done using Jupyter notebooks. This can get messy, with lots of code duplication. This demon heavy talk shows how to build code libraries for Databricks to reuse common functions.
In databases we have tools to encrypt at column level. Data lake doesn't have anything similar. In this session we introduce an open source library enabling us to encrypt columns as data arrives into the lake.


Previous Sessions

With GDPR and the number of data breaches we see in the news, encrypting sensitive data is incredibly important. In this talk we start with the basics of encryption, moving on to look at the ways we can encrypt data in SQL Server and Azure SQL DB.