Niall is a data engineer / architect that has been working with the Microsoft Data Platform tools for over 13 years. Originally working with SQL Server and SSIS, these days he's busy building Modern Data Platforms in Azure using Data Factory, Databricks, Data Lakes and a few other tools. Niall blogs occasionally, and regularly speaks at user groups and conferences in the UK, including presenting at SQL Bits for the first time in 2019. Niall also helps run the Bristol user group, and is a helper for SQL Bits and Data Relay.


With GDPR and the number of data breaches we see in the news, encrypting sensitive data is incredibly important. In this talk we start with the basics of encryption, moving on to look at the ways we can encrypt data in SQL Server and Azure SQL DB.
In this session we look at a simple way to implement Kimball durable keys on a SCD2 dimension. This provides an easy, performant, way to support reporting on data using historical and current hierarchies.