Mathias is self-proclaimed data fanatic obsessed with helping organizational leaders make better decisions through expanding and utilizing their data ecosystem. With a background in Product Development and Innovation, Mathias offers a unique perspective to analytics and will often babble on about data as products, data prototypes, and the importance of user research. He often finds himself taking several steps back to focus on the bigger picture, and with his slightly rebellious attitude, he will much rather try to break the rules, norms, and industry standards than follow them blindly. Several years of experience working with data in high-tech, high-growth companies have taught him a thing or two about working with and designing data platforms and data models for fast-paced analytics with quick turn-around from problems or user needs to insights.


In this session, you will tag along the journey of working towards a solution to this problem. We will touch upon topics like automated workflows with Power Automate, Active Directory Security Groups, Decoupled Datasets and Security Tables, all combined with Row-Level Security to bring them all together.