Mark Pryce-Maher s a Data Architect on the Azure Synapse Analytics Customer Success Engineering team at Microsoft, where he his working with customers implementing Azure Synapse Analytics. 

Mark Pryce-Maher has submitted 5 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

In this session we explore Azure Synapse Analytics, we will dive into this limitless analytics service and explore how it brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics.
Are you working on migrating from Netezza, Teradata, APS/PDW , Redshift to Azure SQL Data Warehouse / Azure Synapse Analytics? Then talk to the CSE team, we focus on migrating customer to Azure Synapse Analytics.
"Pause, Breath, Look, Listen, Speak" and 9 other useful tips to help with improve your presentation skills.
Can you think on your feet? Are you the best presenter in the room? Have you got nerves of steel? This is a game for experienced presenters - Each contestant stands up and presents on 6 minutes on random topics.
This session will also dive into how to successfully migrate to Azure Synapse, all the way from code conversion to enterprise grade developer tooling, with experts from the Azure Synapse product group.


Previous Sessions

We will travel back in time a bit to SQL 2005 to see how SSMS Add-ins worked, then jump forward to the present day were we will go through the process of writing a SSMS Add-in for R2.
Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service for predictive analytics. In this 1hour session, we will run through; ML Studio,using data, Creating and running Experiments, visualising results, R , publishing and using experiments.
This session is your opportunity to ask the people who know, the questions you want to ask. Microsoft Premier Field Engineers and Consultants are the people that go out to talk to customers and implement solutions.