Senior Database Architect living the Netherlands with 23 years experience within the IT sector.

Holds various certifications including old and new style MCSE's, and was probably the last ever person to gain the MCSD Azure Architect certification before it was retired. In addition, recently gained the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert certification.

Worked in various sectors, and has supported companies in the top ten of the Fortune 500 list. Worked in various roles over the years, and current assignment involves being a SQL Server Product Owner for just under two thousand SQL Server instances. 

Has experience with all versions of SQL Serverin one way or another, as well as various other RDMS platforms.


Based on real life scenarios, an audience interactive session.
Azure boards within Azure DevOps give you the capability to organise your project and analyse the it’s progress. Do you want your manager to stop bugging you about your project’s progress, come to this session?