Dr Katherine Bean has her PhD in Electronic Engineering and is a CEng. She specializes in making better businesses through process automation.


With a high degree of architectural skill and experience, she can quickly bring together business processes, hardware and software to make something much more effective and efficient to create a competitive advantage for her clients.


She works with clients internationally to make sure their data is safe, reliable and securely accessible.


She is a storage expert and software developer, with experience developing RAID and SAN systems along with the infrastructure needed to implement large scale systems at IBM.


As a fully qualified teacher, experienced university lecturer and author, she is well suited to deliver on-site training. Bringing the full benefit of technology into business in a way that is usable and understood by senior management.


Everyone knew how to keep data safe and secure, right up until Edward Snowden revealed this error. Learn how to keep the data secure, by identifying and quantifying the risks. Take away practical tips and advice to apply immediately.
Do you need an OLAP database? Do you know how the data changed over time? Do you need an OLTP database? Do you need to write, never block and never lose a change? Then Temporal Databases tick those boxes and are a simple solution to these problems.