Justin Langford

I am Chief Executive and co-founder at Coeo, a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server and Data Platform MVP. I have co-authored three books on SQL Server and I regularly present at industry and community events. At Coeo we help customers get more from their data and their investment in the Microsoft platform, and my role involves helping our customers with strategic technology choices and roadmap. I work with our customers to ensure we provide expertise to reduce risk and accelerate project delivery and ensure true business value is realised early and maximised through operational capability. I live in London with my wife where we enjoy long river walks, I love travelling and sailing on the south coast of England and in warmer climates too.

Justin Langford's Sessions

5 Mistakes in Cloud Data MigrationSQLBits 2020

We're fortunate in seeing tons of customers migrate to the cloud - this session covers major

Azure: Maxmise your bang for BuckSQLBits 2020

Considerations in how you buy Azure to provide maximum bang for buck

Serverless data solutions-what are they and when to use?SQLBits 2019

Azure introduces a range of new services for transaction processing and analytics solutions which mean we don’t need to deploy virtual machines. This session provides insight into how we see customers deploying evergreen and futureproof solutions.

Hybrid Data Solutions-how to have you cake and eat it!SQLBits 2018

We live in a cloud first World, but many organisation still run largely on-premise. This session covers how these organisations can begin their journey and leverage Azure data services.

Get started with troubleshooting SQL ServerSQLBits 2015

This session present key tools, methodology and approach for troubleshooting SQL Server. Performance and availability of the database engine has a direct impact on user experience of applications.

DR with the Worlds largest data centerSQLBits 2015

This session will look at providing cost effective DR capability with Azure.

Using Windows Azure to provide SQL Server Disaster RecoverySQLBits 2013

This session provides an architectural blueprint to deploying disaster recovery solutions combining on-premise and Windows Azure cloud technologies. The session looks at a design pattern to solve a long standing and often expensive issue of DR.

Hadoop, Big Data and SQL ServerSQLBits 2013

There has been rapid development in the capabilities of SQL Server to support big data and hadoop following introduction of the HDInsight Service and HDInsight Server. This session covers SQL Server capability and integration points.

Notes from the field: Cross-team Performance TroubleshootingSQLBits 2011

This session will be presented jointly by Justin Langford and Gavin Payne . The focus of the session is the approach to a cross-team Performance Troubleshooting engagement where multiple stakeholders were involved.

Notes from the field: High Performance storage for SQL ServerSQLBits 2010

This session provides an overview of a recent customer engagement to investigate storage performance problems and evaluate potential solutions. The session include details on measuring performance of the existing storage solution, profiling SQL Server disk IO activity and tools to simulate load and evaluate performance.